Terms and Conditions
No Long-Term Obligation Agreement.
Either party can opt out of this Agreement at any time by simply giving written notice to the other party that they wish to opt out.
What is Groomer discount?

Groomers provides Groompass members a 25% discount off of grooming services and services administered in the business. The discount is off of business's usual and customary fees, as well as fees charged to other groups that any pet caretaker may join to whom business provides discounts on an ongoing basis.Groomers are NOT obligated to reduce pricing on pharmaceuticals a client takes home, time-limited specials such as coupons or special sales, food and flea products, routine boarding and any outside services. In addition, the Practice also does not need to double-discount publicly available specials like Dental Month discounts or packaged deals like wellness plans.Groompass members are solely responsible for all payments, at the time of their grooming visit. Businesses shall not hold Groompass liable for any payment. Businesses represents that all of its groomers are duly qualified to offer grooming services.

What does Groompass do now?

Groompass will provide businesses with all necessary materials and information as well as groomer support, benefit updates, literature requests, a web site (if desired) and advertising for an increased client base.

Minimal Relationship

Groompass and Businesses are separate entities. The sole relationship between Groompass and Businesses is for the purposes set forth in this Agreement.

Stuff our lawyers make us put in

This Agreement shall be subject to, governed by, and construed under the laws of the State of Delaware, applicable to agreements made and to be performed within such State, without giving effect to the principles of conflict of laws. The non-prevailing party shall be liable to the prevailing party for all costs and expenses related to any dispute resolution, including reasonable travel costs and attorney fees. To amend any provision of this Agreement, Groompass must give Businesses written notice of the proposed amendment and Businesses shall be deemed to have accepted the proposed amendment by Groompass if Business fails to object to such amendment, in writing, within thirty days. This Agreement may be signed by facsimile, and a facsimile copy shall also constitute an original.

what groomers are saying

Groomers love the ease and simplicity

Once they see our salon, they not only stay with us and become good clients, but they tell their friends and associates too, and we end up getting more referrals.

Rated 5/5
from over 40 reviews

Having no paperwork to deal with is great for busy shop, and it's so easy for clients to use.

Rated 5/5
from over 40 reviews

We went from grooming 1-2 dogs a day to 7-10 dogs a day just because of Groompass clients.

Rated 5/5
from over 40 reviews